Southern Tanzania – welcome to YOUR safari advenutre

Incredible game viewing plus a wide variety of safari activities outside the vehicle, make Southern Tanzania an ideal destination for adventurous travelers and explorers! Whether it is a boat safari, a walking safari or a fly camping experience under the stars of Africa, the possibilities are endless.

Outstanding and well-known are Ruaha National Park with its large elephant and lion population as well as the Selous Game Reserve – Africa’s largest protected area, which has just recently been renamed as Nyerere National Park. But there is more: Mikumi and Udzungwa Mountains are also worth a visit! Mikumi with its open savannah plains is often referred to as “Little Serengeti”, while the Udzungwa Mountains can only be explored on foot with chances to spot some primates like the endemic Udzungwa red colobus!

Many operators only offer the South by plane between Ruaha and Nyerere, however, this makes your safari unnecessary expensive. If you don’t mind spending time in the vehicle and exploring the country side, then the most economical safari option is by road with your 4×4 private vehicle and professional driver/guide.

What would you like to explore in Southern Tanzania?

Sample Itineraries

Check out our sample itineraries for a first inspiration! Each itinerary can be customized to your individual wishes! Prices depend on number of travelers and days spend in the bush; the travel time and your accommodation preferences.

National Parks

Unsure which National Park is the right fit for your wildlife adventure? Have a look through the various National Parks in Southern Tanzania and read more about their vegetation, commonly seen wildlife and what to expect.


A comfort safari in Tanzania comprises classic game drives in a 4×4 safari vehicle. But maybe you are more active and would like to add some extra activities outside the car to your adventure? Check out our favorite ones here!

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Scroll through our selection of camps and lodges in Southern Tanzania – each personally visited and reviewed! Depending on your travel preferences and budget, we will recommend the perfect accommodation stay for you!