Lake Natron

Lake Natron is located in Northern Tanzania on the border with Kenya – just north-east of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area along the Rift Valley Escarpment. This roughly 55 km long, 25 km wide, but only 50 cm deep alkaline lake should be on every adventurer’s schedule. The surface is shimmering pinkish-white due to its high salt, magnesite and sodium carbonate concentration.

If you like to venture out on an off-the-beaten-path journey, then follow the remote road from the village of Mto wa Mbu to the Northern entry gate of Serengeti. You will be passing through untrammeled Maasai territory to the small oasis of Engaresero on the lakes south-western shore. Enjoy the beautiful scenery with Ol Doinyo Lengai, the holy mountain of the Maasai, in the backdrop.

Lake Natron is a home to a rich population of Lesser Flamingos. About 1.5 million flamingos depend on this lake during breeding season between August and October. Take a stroll to the lake shore to get a close view or venture out on further activities like: swimming in natural springs below waterfalls, visit a traditional Maasai boma, or trek through the Ngorongoro Highlands.

Main Facts

area: 1,040 km²
type: alkaline soda lake
lake size: 55 km long, 25 km wide, but only 50 cm deep
water temperature: up to 60°C

Best Time

best during dry season: June to October

Common Animals

Birds: lesser flamingos


flamingo lake shore walk
ngare sero waterfall hike
traditional Maasai boma visit
hiking at Ol Doinyo Lengai
trekking through Ngorongoro Highlands


authentic Maasai experience
beautiful scenery with the pinkish-white lake and Ol Doinyo Lengai
photographic enthusiasts: most visually fascinating vistas in the world