Olduvai Gorge Museum

within the Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Visit the world-famous archaeological site of Olduvai Gorge – often also referred to as the “Cradle of Mankind”. Early remains of homo sapiens were discovered here by Mary Leaky in 1976. These findings can be viewed in the little museum that further showcases animal fossils and stone tools. Travelers with an interest in mankind’s ancestors will be fascinated by this astonishing place!

It is also possible to stop at the “Shifting Sands” – a dune of volcanic ash that looks completely out of place on the short grass plains. Clustering around a rock, the ash forms what seems to be a small sand dune. The dune is constantly on the move and slowly moves across the plains depending on the winds. A truly fascinating phenomenon that is certainly worth the detour!

Tour Duration

1,5- to 2-hours

Physical Rating


Important Note

No Age Restriction

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