Uganda – Pearl of Africa

Uganda is where the East African savannah meets West African jungle. This landlocked country encompasses a variety of different landscapes: crater lakes, snow-capped mountains, dense rainforests, wide savannahs, any more. Safari Highlights include Murchison Falls and the savannah-filled Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Just like its neighbor Rwanda, Uganda is a renowned mountain gorilla sanctuary! Encountering wild gorillas in their natural habitat without any fences is the highlight of any African adventure! After the arrival at Entebbe Airport, travelers embark on an incredible south-east journey to trek with the gorillas in Bwindi Forest.

Bwindi Forest National Park is an ancient rainforest that extends into the mountain range of Virunga Volcanoes. Due to its ecological uniqueness and natural beauty, it has been declared a UNESCO world heritage that is home to almost half of the world’s surviving mountain gorillas.

Our favorite Uganda Extension to encounter Mountain Gorillas

Uganda Gorilla Trekking

Tour Duration: 4 days, 3 nights
National Park: Bwindi Forest National Park

Our favorite places to stay in Uganda

The Boma Hotel

Location: Entebbe

Gorilla Safari Lodge

Location: Bwindi Forest National Park

Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge

Location: Bwindi Forest National Park