Tipping in Tanzania

who to tip, when to tip & what to consider

For many travelers tipping is a sensitive issue, however, it is a normal part of the service industry in Tanzania. Tipping is an expression of gratitude – especially to those who hopefully made your Tanzania stay an unforgettable adventure! It is your individual choice whether you would like to tip or not and it always depends on the quality of service received. However, there is a very fine balance between tipping enough, and tipping too much.

For example, becoming a senior guide requires a high level of education and knowledge as well as several years of experience. A camp assistant on the other side is also needed, but doesn’t have the same level of responsibility. So, if a camp assistant gets a massive tip compared to the senior guide, the balance is out of order and the motivation for the senior guide to work harder demolished.

What to consider…

Success of your Tanzania Adventure

The success of your Tanzania safari or trekking adventure depends mainly on your guide. It is therefore advised to tip him separately. At the camps and lodges there are various people who work behind the scenes who you might not see. These include the gardener, housekeepers, the kitchen team and many more. In order to ensure that all these receive a fair share of the tip, many camps and lodges have introduced a “tip box” that is opened at the end of the month and divided equally between the staff.

It is best to tip only once and recommended at the end of your safari, trek, or stay at a particular camp/lodge. In case there are any activities that require additional and one-time staff (like a ranger on a walking safari) it is best to tip him immediately after the activity. If you are thinking ahead, it is advised to bring a few envelopes (maybe even with a thank you card inside). Towards the end of your trip, you can prepare the envelopes and hand them out to the person whom you wish to tip.

Tipping Guideline

As a guideline on how much to tip we recommend the following:

  • Driver/Guide: USD$ 20 to 30 per couple / per day
  • Climbing Guide: USD$ 20 to 30 per couple / per day
  • Safari Chef (when camping or climbing): USD$ 15 per couple / per day
  • Hotel/Camp/Lodge: USD$ 5 to 7 per couple / per stay

Of course, this is just a general guideline and you are very welcome to adjust the amount to your individual preference.

What would you like to explore in Tanzania?


Tanzania is a very big country and one of East Africa’s most outstanding safari destination! Encounting wildlife in its natural habitat is an unforgettable adventure. Whether you would like to travel to the North, South, West or combine your Tanzania Safari with one of the neighbouring countries, we will be on your side to guide you!


Tanzania’s stunning mountain ranges can be best explored on a hiking or trekking journey. Whether you are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or one of the lesser-known alternatives, Tanzania will fascinate you with its stunning scenery! The Rift Valley and volcanoes; mountain ranges and plateaus; craters and lakes – all offer superb possibilities to immerse in Tanzania’s nature.

Beach Holidays

Tanzania’s endless coastline of palm fringed beaches, the Zanzibar archipelago and the neighbor islands Mafia and Pemba provide the perfect getaway for some relaxing beach days. Whether as a stand-alone beach holiday or a beach exentison after your safari on the mainland, we can assist to design a customized holiday just for you!