When is the best time to visit Tanzania?

Tanzania has a pleasant tropical climate throughout the year; however, the climate varies depending on the region and the altitude. Along the coast the climate is determined largely by the monsoon winds. The “masika” (long rains) last from March to May and the light “mvuli” (short rains) fall during November and December. The summer months from December to March are generally the hottest season, while the tropical winter runs from June to September.

When would you like to travel?

January & February

Short Dry Season

These months mark the short dry season that peaks in February, which is the hottest months of the year. Temperatures are rising with a slight possibility of small rain showers in the afternoon. During this time many herbivores are calving – especially the Great Migration in Ndutu on the southern Serengeti plains. Various migratory birds are present and bird lovers can observe these in Lake Manyara and Ruaha National Park as well as the Selous Game Reserve – now Nyerere National Park.

Travel Highlights

Wildebeest Calving Season with more than 8000 calves born each day

March to May

Long Rain Season

The long rainy season lasts from March all the way into May. It is still possible to come across the Great Migration in Serengeti National Park and enjoy fantastic wildlife viewings in the Ngorongoro Crater with many flowers blooming. It is also low season and you might get some very good value for money deals with less travelers around. The camps and lodges in Southern and Western Tanzania are however closed as most of the areas are unable to be reached.

Travel Highlights

Only a handful visitors - you can expect to have the parks almost to yourself

June to October

Long Dry Seasons

June marks the beginning of the dry season: clear skies and sunshine. While temperatures during the days are consistently warm, the mornings and evenings can be chilly. Highlights in Northern Tanzania are the river crossings of the Great Migration as well as large elephant herds in Tarangire. July marks the beginning of peak travel season that lasts until the beginning of September – travelers who wish to avoid the crowds, should option for a safari in Southern and Western Tanzania.

Travel Highlights June

Wildebeest Crossing Season at Grumeti River

Travel Highlights July & August

Wildebeest Crossing Season at Mara River
Great Wildlife Viewing in Katavi National Park

November & December

Short Rain Season

The short rainy season begins in November and lasts until mid-December. Only few tourists travel during these months, which means the parks are quieter. Chances of short light showers during the days with heavier rain overnight are possible, however, safaris are not much affected. Camps & Lodges offer significantly lower rates. Tanzania is a popular destination for Christmas & New Year’s – especially Zanzibar, so you will need to plan your trip in advance.

Travel Highlights

Christmas & New Years on one of the off-shore islands

What would you like to explore in Tanzania?


Tanzania is a very big country and one of East Africa’s most outstanding safari destination! Encounting wildlife in its natural habitat is an unforgettable adventure. Whether you would like to travel to the North, South, West or combine your Tanzania Safari with one of the neighbouring countries, we will be on your side to guide you!


Tanzania’s stunning mountain ranges can be best explored on a hiking or trekking journey. Whether you are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or one of the lesser-known alternatives, Tanzania will fascinate you with its stunning scenery! The Rift Valley and volcanoes; mountain ranges and plateaus; craters and lakes – all offer superb possibilities to immerse in Tanzania’s nature.

Beach Holidays

Tanzania’s endless coastline of palm fringed beaches, the Zanzibar archipelago and the neighbor islands Mafia and Pemba provide the perfect getaway for some relaxing beach days. Whether as a stand-alone beach holiday or a beach exentison after your safari on the mainland, we can assist to design a customized holiday just for you!