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Tanzania Camping Safari – A real adventure:
close-up and first-hand

Ever dream about experiencing the African bush as intimately as possible? Immersing yourself in the sounds and smells of the savanna? If so, then a camping safari through Tanzania’s wilderness – a quintessential safari experience – is exactly what you are looking for! Our private camping safaris are tailored to the needs of nature enthusiasts and those who are looking for a real wilderness adventure.

Michael will be your personal guide on the Tanzania camping safari. As a local with top-notch guide credentials, he will bring you face to face with the beauty and wildness of Tanzania’s bush. Learn more about Michael and his passion about nature and wildlife in Tanzania.

Experience stunning sunrises and early morning game drives; watch elephants passing through the campsite or delight in a curious baboon as it inspects your tent while you enjoy a sundowner at the camp fire. Savor fine cuisine as the night falls and millions of stars brighten up the sky. Hear lions roar and the cry of hyenas nearby while you drift off to sleep in your tent. What an amazing adventure!

Why choose a camping safari in Tanzania? And
where to go on a safari?

Whether you choose a camping safari in Tanzania to save some money or because you want to feel closer to nature and the thrill of a real African bush adventure, we at Tanzania Safari Bug will help you realize you private camping safari. We will show you Tanzania at its best and most authentic.

Camping safaris in the northern part of Tanzania are very popular and the national parks of Tarangire, Manyara, Serengeti and the legendary Ngorongoro Crater can easily be visited. Public campsites are available either inside of the parks or directly on its outskirts. All campsites have sanitary facilities but most are very basic. Hot water cannot be provided everywhere.

The southern part of Tanzania along with the national parks of Mikumi, Ruaha and Udzungwa, as well as the game reserve Selous, can also be combined as part of a camping safari. Campsites are available inside and outside the parks. Park-external camps tend to be located at a designated area of a lodge and provide better facilities than the campsites within the national parks.

Whether you choose Northern or Southern Tanzania for your African bush adventure, a camping safari is a unique experience. Indeed, we will take you right into the heart of the African wilderness. A Tanzania camping safari will open your mind and spirit to the magic of Africa. Soon the smells of the bush and the sounds of the animals will become familiar.

What types of camping safaris do we offer?

We at Tanzania Safari Bug offer two types of camping safaris – a basic camping adventure on public campsites and a more mobile camping experience on private campsites. Each camping safari is tailored to your individual requirements. We provide all the camping gear (except sleeping bags). Our team will set up the tents while your food is prepared by an experienced safari chef.

During our basic camping adventure, you will spend the night on public campsites either inside the parks or at the park’s perimeter. Basic sanitary facilities are available. During a Tanzania camping safari, you will generally meet upon other travelers who are staying at the same campsite. We will provide a waterproof two-person dome tent (roughly 2 x 2 meters), with an integrated mosquito net at the tent entrance and tent window, as well as a 5-cm-thick mattress. Meals will be served at a national park-designated building.

Our mobile camping option is a bit more luxurious and offers a more intimate approach to immersing yourself into the African bush. You will spend the night on a private campsite within the park with no other travelers around you. We will provide a spacious and waterproof dome tent (roughly 3 x 3 x 2 meters) with built-in mosquito nets and camp beds. As these campsites have no permanent structures, our team will set up a mess tent as well as a mobile bush toilet and shower for you.

All our Tanzania camping safaris are on a full-board basis, which includes breakfast, lunch (either as picnic-lunch or hot lunch) and dinner. You will marvel not at what the safari chef can conjure up in the African bush but also at how he manages to vary the menu from day to day. Mineral water is provided; however, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks are excluded and on own account. If you have any special dietary requirements or food allergies, please let us know in advance so that we can arrange accordingly.

Just get in touch with us to get all the information you need for your customized camping safari in Tanzania.

When to go on a camping safari in Tanzania…

Tanzania has an average temperature of 20 to 25 degrees Celsius and it is possible to travel year round. However, due to prolonged rains in April and May, we would not recommend a camping safari during these months. Campsites can flood during the rainy season thus compromising your level of comfort. Nevertheless, a lodge safari in April or May is a good alternative that also lets you benefit from low season rates.

Ideal months for a camping safari in Tanzania are the dry months: January and February as well as June thru October. Every season comes with its own advantages – even the rainy season! It all depends on what you are looking for.

What about safety on a camping safari?

Being out in the wilderness and in close proximity to animals involves some risk. A real safari adventure goes hand in hand with the witnessing of wildlife in its immediate environment and immersing oneself in unspoiled nature. None of the campsites are fenced in and animals are often close by. That said, you will be in the capable hands of a professional guide at all times. He will also accompany you to the campsite and advise you on all the safety precautions so you can enjoy a safe and authentic safari experience.

If you have any questions regarding safety – or any other aspects with regard to camping safaris in Tanzania – don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

Our travel tips for your camping safari in Tanzania

Upon arriving in Tanzania, you should take some time to acclimate and recover from your long haul flight before setting out on your safari. We recommend booking a private vehicle for maximum flexibility. You guide will be able to focus on your personal wildlife preferences and seize photo opportunities whenever they present themselves. Definitely pack lightly to avoid cluttering your tent with excessive baggage – we can, however, also store any excess baggage for you.

If, after some days in the bush, you would like to conclude your safari in a lodge where you can enjoy hot showers and proper baths, we would be pleased to devise a camping-lodge-safari combo for you. All our lodge safaris can also be executed as camping safaris. So, if you have any particular ideas in mind for your safari or still missing some information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for a customized advice. We’ll gladly answer all your questions.