Stone Town

history as far as the eye can see…

Stone Town is the cultural heart of Zanzibar as well as the island’s historic center for commerce. The houses within its labyrinthine and narrow streets are erratically arranged and traders line up to sell a large variety of goods. It’s a fabulous place to spend a night or two exploring ancient buildings and breathing in the sights, smells and sounds of a true Swahili city.

The city center can be explored by foot and everything is within walking distance, however, the narrow streets can get rather chaotic and noisy. Expect to be woken before 5 am during the calls to prayer that are broadcast over loudspeakers from the various mosques. If you value more peaceful and quiet sleep, we would recommend staying at the city’s northern or southern boundaries.

North of Stone Town you can find various ancient sultan palaces as well as the majority of spice farms, which results in short transfer times for an excursion. The South of Stone Town is a popular residential area for wealthy Zanzibaris. Travelers can enjoy amazing sunsets here – both in the North and the South. It is also possible to stay at one of the off-shore islands (reached via a small boat transfer).

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Which travelers will particularly enjoy this destination?

We recommend Stone Town for guests

  • who are interested in the history of Stone Town and the Zanzibar archipelago
  • who are interested in the local people and its culture
  • who would like to drift through the narrow streets and absorb the surroundings with all their senses

We recommend the north and south of Stone Town for guests

  • who want to stay within close proximity of Stone Town but don’t want to stay inside the noisy city
  • who are arrive late at night or depart early in the morning
  • who will only be spending a day or two on the island and want to combine culture and beach

Resorts in Stone Town

Accommodations in Stone Town:

  • Dhow Palace Hotel
  • Emerson Spice Hotel
  • Maru Maru Hotel