South-East Coast – Paje & Jambiani

watersport enthusiasts

Paje and Jambiani always had a busy beach scene that draws backpackers and kite-surfers. The two villages are densely-built and near the city centers a quite night sleep is very limited. However, the beaches here are simply beautiful and offer amazing views. There are some great resort options if you are looking for peace and quiet with the possibility for an action-filled adventure just a few steps away…

Paje is a paradise for watersport enthusiasts – especially kite-surfers. The water is shallow with a sandy ground and you will hardly find any sea urchins. A constant flow of wind guarantees great kitesurfing conditions – especially for beginners and advanced ones. Also, in Jambiani kite-surfing is possible, however, due to the rocky ground only experts should go into the water here.

Further Details – South-East Coast

Which travelers will particularly enjoy this beach destination?

  • who don’t mind basic accommodations at the majority of the day is spend at the beach
  • who are looking for some action with music and night-life
  • who like to get in touch with travelers from all over the world

Beach Resorts in Paje and Jambiani

Beach Resorts:

  • Cristal Resort
  • Blue Oyster Hotel
  • White Sands