Northern Zanzibar – Nungwi and Kendwa

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Northern Zanzibar is divided into the beaches of Nungwi and Kendwa, which are within a two to three hour drive from Stone Town. These are the only places in Zanzibar where you can enjoy fantastic sunrises and sunsets over the Indian Ocean. The main village of Nungwi, right on Zanzibar’s peak, is very well known for its long history of traditional dhow building. Kendwa is situated just a little south-west of Nungwi.

Both were once charming little fishing villages. Over the past years they have however grown into one of Zanzibar’s busiest spots with various bars, guesthouses, restaurants and shops. The erstwhile charm is long gone due the constantly increasing guests along with ongoing and uncontrolled development. We usually don’t recommend beach resorts near the busy city centers as the hotels tower high above one another.

However, there are very nice alternatives on the eastern side that are less busy, but still offer a cozy vibe. Swimming near Nungwi is only possible at low tide and the beach is characetrized by a rocky shoreline. A swimming pool is therefore highly recommended. Kendwa on the other hand has fantastic sandy-white beaches that are scattered over several bays and are not so strongly influcenced by the tides.

Further Details – Northern Zanzibar

Which travelers will particularly enjoy this beach destination?

  • who are looking for some hustle and bustle – maybe a drink in a beach bar outside the hotel
  • who are looking to soziales with other travelers
  • who want to enjoy sunrises and sunsets over the Indian Ocean
  • who favour large hotels with an international flair

You shouldn't miss...

  • take a stroll to the village to experience local life outside your beach resort
  • take a look at how dhow boats are build by local artisans
  • enjoy the hustle & bustle at the local fish auction when fishers bring in their catch
  • enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner on the beach

Beach Resorts in Nungwi and Kendwa

  • in Nungwi:
    • Essque Zalu
    • The Zanzibari
  • in Kendwa:
    • Zuri Zanzibar

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