North-East Coast – Matemwe, Pwani Mchangani and Pongwe

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The Chaka Bay on the eastern side of Zanzibar divides the coast into two beach sections. The beaches on the north-east coast are magnificent – pristine and wide, fringed by palms with turquoise water and traditional dhows sailing by. Matemwe, Pwani Mchangani and Pongwe are ideal destinations for travelers looking to relax at the beach with the option to engage in a few water-based activities.

Matemwe, the northern village, boasts idyllic beaches and various small beach lodges – from mid-range to unbridled luxury. It also looks onto Mnemba Island – perfect for some diving and snorkeling. The local people of Matemwe live from fishing and the cultivation of seaweed. Both Pwani Mchangani and Pongwe offer various family-owned lodges that are ideal for travelers looking for a secluded beach vacation.

It is important to note that these beaches, like the majority of Zanzibar’s beaches, are flat and that swimming is only possible during high tide. We therefore recommend a lodge with a swimming pool. Some of the lodges in Pongwe are located on clifftops and offer therewith amazing views of the sea, however, walking on the beach is only possible during low tide.

If you would like to take day-trips to Stone Town or Jozani Forest, we recommend the south-east coast instead. Transfers from the north-east coast are quite long and therefore a bit more expensive.

Further Details – North-East Coast

Which travelers will particularly enjoy this beach destination?

  • who are looking for a quiet beach destination far away from the hustle and bustle
  • who prefer to spend time on the beach engaged in water related activities
  • who enjoy beach walks with fantastic panoramas
  • who like to snorkel/dive (thanks to the short distance to Mnemba Island)

You shouldn't miss...

  • take a stroll to the village to experience local life outside your beach resort
  • snorkel around Mnemba Atoll

    Beach Resorts in Matemwe and Pongwe

    • in Matemwe:
      • SeVi Boutique Hotel
      • Sunshine Bay Hotel
    • in Pongwe:
      • Pongwe Beach Hotel

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