Chwaka Bay & Michamvi Peninsula

perfect for families with kids & relaxation away from the crowds

Michamvi is located on a small peninsula on the east coast of Zanzibar. It has been only developed for tourism in recent years. The peninsula begins far north of the villages of Bwejuu and Dongwe and covers the villages of Pingwe and Michamvi Kae. The beach lodges here are small, mainly family-owned, and provide the perfect heaven for a relaxed beach vacation.

The eastern side of the peninsula boasts beautiful white sandy beaches that spread across several smaller bays. Beach walks are only possible during low tide as the majority of the beach is flooded during high tide. The western side of the peninsula, which is located within the Chwaka Bay, offers amazing sunsets and only small tidal influences – making it perfect for families with kids.

The Chwaka Bay is of major importance for biologists and nature conservations. The bay is partially overgrown by mangroves that help to stabilize the coast and limit erosion. It is home to a large variety of water fowls. It is possible to visit Stone Town or Jozani Forest from here, however, the only downside is the longer drive and higher transfer costs.

Further Details – Chwaka Bay & Michamvi Peninsula

Which travelers will particularly enjoy this beach destination?

  • guests who are looking for a quiet beach destination far away from the hustle and bustle
  • guests who prefer to spend time on the beach engaged in water related activities
  • families with smaller children as they can play and swim in Chwaka Bay

You shouldn't miss...

  • take a stroll to the village to experience local life outside your beach resort
  • enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner on the beach

    Beach Resorts in Michamvi

    • Matlai Hotel
    • Michamvi Sunset Bay
    • Qambani Luxury Resort

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