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Zanzibar is an exotic archipelago in the Indian Ocean – a place full of mysterious history! As the birthplace of Swahili, it harkens back to the enchanted stories of beautiful princesses and powerful sultans. The island is renowned for its spice plantations with scents of carnations and frangipanis everywhere you go. Palm-fringed beaches, turquoise waters up to the horizon and wonderful coral reefs await you here! It is East Africa’s finest beach destination and can easily be combined with a safari on the mainland. The island with a large choice on accommodations holds something for everyone – regardless of whether you are looking for seclusion and relaxation, hustle and bustle, or simply want to learn more about its history. Watersport activities are plentiful including diving, snorkeling and kite-surfing.

Zanzibaris (the inhabitants of Zanzibar) are used to visitors and they have been welcoming guests for more than 2000 years thanks to the monsoon winds which enabled trade between Arabia, India, Persia and Zanzibar. Today, the majority of Zanzibaris are Muslims, and especially in Stone Town, you can hear the siren calling people to prayer several times a day. Most beaches in Zanzibar are influenced by the tidal movements. Depending on the time of the day, you may be able to sink your toes into the white sand, or the sea might be a short trek away. If it is low tide and the water only reaches up to your knees at most, you have the unique chance to take a closer look at the coral riffs by foot. We highly recommend a beach hotel that comes with a swimming pool.

Main Facts

> offshore island in Tanzania
> reachable by plane & ferry
> size: 1,660 km²
> capital: Zanzibar City

Best Time

> all year around – except April and May
> humpback whales pass by: August and September


> Kite-Surfing
> Snorkeling & Diving
> Boat trips to sandbanks and coral reefs in traditional dhows
> Cultural tours to ancient ruins and fishing villages

Perfect for travelers...

> who are looking for a variety of accommodation options (quiet, fun, …)
> who are looking for accommodations with character and Swahili charm
> who like to explore some history and ancient sites

What would you like to explore about Zanzibar Island?

Sample Itinerary

Check out our sample itinerary for a possible beach extention to Zanzibar Island. The itinerary can be customized to your individual wishes! Prices depend on number of travelers, duration of your beach stay, the travel time and your accommodation preferences.

Activities & Daytrips

Maybe relaxing and sunbathing at the beach sounds a bit boring? Zanzibar Island has lots of activities to offer: for water enthusiasts and travelers interested in ancient ruins. Check out our favorite ones here!

Overnight Options

Scroll through our selection of beach resorts on Zanzibar Island – each personally visited and reviewed! Depending on your travel preferences and budget, we will recommend the perfect accommodation stay for you!

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Further Details – Zanzibar Island

Where is Zanzibar Island and how can you get there?

Zanzibar is suitably located on the shores of Tanzania – just 43 km east of the mainland. The name “Zanzibar” actually refers to the entire archipelago of historic Indian Ocean islands, including Pemba and various smaller ones that are semi-autonomous, but not the island of Mafia. The largest island in the Zanzibar archipelago is Unguja – known as Zanzibar itself.

The airport of Zanzibar is located 7 km outside the city center of Stone Town and is the arrival point for both international and domestic flights. Zanzibar can easily be reached with a direct flight from Arusha and Dar es Salaam. Of course, the domestic airlines also connect from any national park on the mainland with some stops along the way. It is also possible to reach the island on a 3-hour ferry ride from Dar es Salaam.

Which part of Zanzibar to choose for YOUR beach holiday?

Authentic Beach Holiday

North-East Coast
Matemwe & Pongwe

Beach Walks & Relaxation

Southeast Coast
Bwejuu & Dongwe

Families with Kids & Relaxation

Chwaka Bay
Michamvi Peninsula

Relaxation & Quiet Time

Southern Zanzibar

Touristic Hotspots

Northern Zanzibar
Nungwi & Kendwa

Watersport Enthusiasts

Southeast Coast
Paje & Jambiani